Most Important Photography Tips

Being a web designer is more so having the creative eye to be able to know what pictures go with what pages. Half the battle comes from taking pictures and creating content on your website. If you can conquer those steps, the remaining steps are much easier.


Here are some general tips given to me by a successful photographer that I recently met. Very basic and easy to follow instructions.

Shoot What You Love

Often times what starts off as love becomes a chore in the long run. When the action you are trying to create becomes a hassle and you feel “forced” to do it then it slowly starts to lose it’s meaning. Everyone has different perspectives on life, and that can be transposed to what you shoot. Shoot what you feel is unique to you and only you, your perspective on what you shoot matters the most before anyone else’s opinion.

Learn The Technicals

This in my opinion is the most over looked. People expect to provide good original content but do not even understand the fundamentals of proper shooting. In order to advance to the next step and be able to do more with creating content. One must understand the basic fundamentals of what ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, and specific lens for specific tasks. Doing so will allow you to take your photography to the next level. When you can learn the basics, you can then move to the intermediate levels, then advanced, hopefully to full professional.

Learn Photoshop

Every image that gets published or put on any platform to be seen by others will always get photoshopped. You need to learn how to use Photoshop or any photo editing software that can enhance and edit your pictures. It is a must to be able to edit because it gives you complete control of your image after you have shot it. Whether it is to change the color gamut, remove smudges, or even basic picture brightening of a dark image. Learning photoshop is a must.

Like all things, this is a skill and involves a lot of time. The more time you spend the more you’ll learn and your skill asset will increase.