Pro Tips for Generating Traffic

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With Thanksgiving around the corner, I found it necessary to come up with a couple pro tips on how to increase your traffic of your business. They are in no specific order, but general tips on producing real organic growth searches and queries to have your business start ranking.

Social Media

I can’t help but keep bashing this one in the head. I have seen businesses be transformed from social media exponentially. In fact I have a quick story of a business I personally watched and gave advice to. They work in the car industry and I have watched them grow from one location to expanding country wide to about 5 locations in the span of 3 years. As I watched them grow, so did I watch their social media grow, it started out with 1 Facebook post, then 1 instagram post, then next thing you know they have a 1 YouTube video. Fast forward to today, they release about one YouTube video a week consistently, and 1-3 Instagram posts a day. With that said, social media can really transform your business with consistency. The consistency over time becomes exponential.


What better way to update your website with some blog posts about your craft. Google has a web crawler and it has no eyes. It cannot tell beautiful websites from other websites, but in fact it can read. It reads code, h1 headers, h2 headers, and anything written in html. In fact, its very smart and capable of knowing if your trying to run an exploit on trying to become number 1 in its searches. The best way is to upload quality blog post for your page to let Google your website is still functioning so it can index it properly. The more content you produce for your business in terms of blog posts, the larger your online foot print becomes. As your online foot print grows, so will your ranking. Google will not rank un-updated websites.

Other Platforms

Lets say you’re a restaurant, what other areas could you focus on that will help your restaurant flourish and succeed besides food and service. Other platforms like Yelp can definitely increase the traffic in your business when they see great reviews. The better your food tastes, and the better the customers feel happy, the more inclined they are to leave great reviews. What follows great reviews, more people coming into the restaurant eating your food. It’s a great cycle, and cycle that is a win win situation for both the business and the consumer.

These are a few from the top of my head, not all topics are covered, but enough for you to understand that there are many areas to increasing traffic to a website. It’s like a game of chess, there are many avenues of attack. Not one solution fits all, more like, an infinite amount of solutions for one problem.