Creating Original Content


Creating custom content can be difficult for your business especially if you are brand new. Here are some tips to create awesome original content for your web design projects.

1.Invest in a Camera

I cannot emphasize this more, the reason being this is the most important tool in creating original content. It’s like trying to build a house without a hammer. How else are you going to get content? Buying individual pictures and their rights over time can be expensive. This is the perfect way of bypassing the need of paying someone else for their work. By creating your own.

2.Understand the Fundamentals

It is easy to lose yourself in the hype of creating content, but what happens after you snapped those awesome pictures. The next step is to understand how to master the shots and use a program called photoshop. By using photoshop it allows you to take your already great shows and make them even better. They can become better by highlighting the shadows, increasing the contrast, and brightening colors in a certain area to get an exaggerated look to your pictures.


Consistency is the key to making all your dreams come true for your website. The beginning is always the hardest but as long as the pictures keep coming, and the website continue to get updated, Google will index your page more and more consistently.


The next topics we will cover will be some more advanced topics that deal with Google’s web crawler as well as data schemas that can provide rich data for analytics, which everyone can read