Hashtags and Relavency


In the world of social media hashtags are more than representations of your pictures verbally. They are words that connect each other to different ideas and allow people to see your image. I don’t want to get too much into the theory of how hashtags work but essentially they are unique identifiers that allow your image to get connected to words and key phrases.

This is especially important because services like Instagram do not index your pictures for you. They are indexed on the database end, but not for the users end. That means if you do not use a hashtag or any other identifier to your picture such as geo location, and or friend tag. You are at the mercy of people organically clinking your post on the shear chance of just physically looking at it.

In the Instagram world, thirty hashtags are allowed per post. Some of the key things I have noticed in the hashtag world is having a strategy laid out that way you are using the hashtags to their highest efficiency. Some strategies I have used over the years is splitting the thirty hashtags into a 30/70 split, which means one third of the hashtags envelope some sort of sets of locations while the other sixty percent of the 30 hashtags are used with global identifiers.

While that split is not always necessary, playing around with the hashtags and locations is a great way to get increased visibility with your profile and your website. I suggest trying it out with a combination of geo tags and fellow tagged friends for a worth combo on getting quality followers, this of course, followed with consistency will give you the result you want.