Name change, new products, hiring, and new direction

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We are pleased to announce that we have changed our name to Arivmi. This change was for a number of reasons, but the main reason was because we needed a better name that was shorter and easier to remember than Ivallano. Also because anything that grows is destined to change, which is why changing our name was essential. It needs to fit our current vision and the last name had run its course and did what it was supposed to. We are now Arivmi.

Will be announcing some new services soon as well as the removal of some current services. We are now going to remove SEO in the upcoming weeks as it no longer fits our vision of how our products or services should be rendered. We felt that it was unnecessary to be providing this service because our overall vision was to give the best website and design you could possibly have. We wanted to focus on that premises, and a part of focus is actually saying no in order to continue the very reason we have started this company.

Another great thing to announce is that we are now hiring! If you have a background in computer science or can code, we are looking to hire you. We believe we can teach you the design, computers, marketing, and even the social media side, but we do believe having a formal education or understand on how to code will make it even better. If you can code, and understand web programming, send us your resume!

You can find us at