Web Design in Toms River, Small Business Story


Something I noticed in the Toms River, NJ area is that a lot of successful businesses either have an old website or no website. Which leads me to believe that original business is on the cusp of two things. Either that business is going to get a web site sooner or later, or their business will fail. It sounds harsh but the Toms River area is primed for a digital revolution whether it likes or not. Business models either ride the technology wave or get crushed by the technology wave.

The technology wave can be categorized as businesses who are evolving during the digital age, whether they are implementing new technology. Such as an online food order, so customers can just come in and pick up their food, maybe even an online scheduling system for congested barbershops, which introduces order to complexity. Everyone who is a consumer is on their smart phone, the goal is to be using that tool to either propel your business or to be crushed by it if you do not properly adapt.

So many businesses in Toms River, NJ could be getting more publicity and more bang for their buck if they would just integrate a better, a newer, and more modern website, or for starters just having a website. Imagine coming into work and having people waiting outside your business because they were able to schedule themselves for a haircut. Maybe that even means not waiting 30 minutes to an hour plus waiting when your favorite barber is going to be free to give you a haircut.

These would be all the main reasons to have a website in this day and age, even if you are a brand or an identity. It makes me a little sad to see such businesses have a great business model even great customers to only find out they either have a very old and useless website or a non existent website. If correctly extrapolated with businesses that encompasses those two ideas, it would mean that those business long term will not exist. Either you have one or you don’t.