Now serving Deer Authority in Toms River, NJ

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Web design season is in full swing! We are pleased to announce that Deer Authority will be joining the Arivmi family. They are an independently and family owned deer and mosquito repellent business serving the Toms River, NJ and Staten Island, NY region. They use safe chemicals that are non toxic to humans and animals to get the job done. Imagine having spent thousands of dollars on lawn care, flowers, and cultivation for your property only to watch pesky deer come in and eat and destroy your yard.

Deer Authority serving Toms River and Staten Island will take care of those large rodents we call deer so your lawn can look cripsy and beautiful all year round. This enables you to keep your expensive investment alive and well without having to spend thousands back into restoring the damage done by deer in your yard.

Welcome aboard Deer Authority from Toms River!

G Suite for Nonprofits


Working with my local church It was brought to my attention that Google provides free G Suite services to Nonprofits. This gives you all the powerful services such as Gmail, all support for online document building programs, and even up to $10,000 ad words. It’s quite fantastic that they even have this, which is a great tool to have. In fact, I think it’s quite astonishing that it even exists.

As a web designer, and person who helps establish businesses, Google G Suites is an invaluable tool. It’s a tool that can transform businesses because it has all the infrastructure to allow the highest and fastest way of communication in an organization. Everyone is allowed an email that uses the Gmail platform, which we all use and know to love because of it’s simplicity and ease of use.

If you’re a nonprofit I would jump on this immediately. It’s free freaking G Suite, what!

Name change, new products, hiring, and new direction

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We are pleased to announce that we have changed our name to Arivmi. This change was for a number of reasons, but the main reason was because we needed a better name that was shorter and easier to remember than Ivallano. Also because anything that grows is destined to change, which is why changing our name was essential. It needs to fit our current vision and the last name had run its course and did what it was supposed to. We are now Arivmi.

Will be announcing some new services soon as well as the removal of some current services. We are now going to remove SEO in the upcoming weeks as it no longer fits our vision of how our products or services should be rendered. We felt that it was unnecessary to be providing this service because our overall vision was to give the best website and design you could possibly have. We wanted to focus on that premises, and a part of focus is actually saying no in order to continue the very reason we have started this company.

Another great thing to announce is that we are now hiring! If you have a background in computer science or can code, we are looking to hire you. We believe we can teach you the design, computers, marketing, and even the social media side, but we do believe having a formal education or understand on how to code will make it even better. If you can code, and understand web programming, send us your resume!

You can find us at

Toms River Web Design


At Arivmi we strive to make the best web design in Toms River, NJ. We pride ourselves in creating you a website in 7 days to where we work directly with you to cut the time from communication. Something I noticed was that everyone in the state of NJ that does web design, all quoted a website within the span of two to three months. That time frame is too long, costly, and a waste of time.

We believe time is valuable, which is why we created a process that maximizes quality with only original content and efficiency by working directly with the businesses right at their location. This ensures that anytime any changes needs to be made, everything is done on site, on hand, right away. No emails, text messages, phone calls, or any mitigating where time is lengthened.

Imagine having to change something, but instead of emailing your web master, you can talk to him in person. Right in front of you. This process we created proves to maximize quality and decreasing the time it takes to launch a website. It’s like buying your groceries in the super market and having it cooked for you right away. We will create a website from start to finish in 7 days in Toms River.

Hashtags and Relavency


In the world of social media hashtags are more than representations of your pictures verbally. They are words that connect each other to different ideas and allow people to see your image. I don’t want to get too much into the theory of how hashtags work but essentially they are unique identifiers that allow your image to get connected to words and key phrases.

This is especially important because services like Instagram do not index your pictures for you. They are indexed on the database end, but not for the users end. That means if you do not use a hashtag or any other identifier to your picture such as geo location, and or friend tag. You are at the mercy of people organically clinking your post on the shear chance of just physically looking at it.

In the Instagram world, thirty hashtags are allowed per post. Some of the key things I have noticed in the hashtag world is having a strategy laid out that way you are using the hashtags to their highest efficiency. Some strategies I have used over the years is splitting the thirty hashtags into a 30/70 split, which means one third of the hashtags envelope some sort of sets of locations while the other sixty percent of the 30 hashtags are used with global identifiers.

While that split is not always necessary, playing around with the hashtags and locations is a great way to get increased visibility with your profile and your website. I suggest trying it out with a combination of geo tags and fellow tagged friends for a worth combo on getting quality followers, this of course, followed with consistency will give you the result you want.