Arivmi is a technology consultation group founded on the principles of providing professional quality web design and technology consultation at consumer grade pricing.




Web Design

We create beautifully delicious websites that is aesthetically appealing with a touch of modern. Our web designs are up to industry standard to the latest compatibility with mobile devices as well as the latest browsers.



 SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. We make sure your website gets ranked and comes up on the top search engines. This will convert traffic into real hard money for your business. No one cares about traffic unless it turns into real cash.


social media

 We manage social media accounts to keep your business relevant and up to date. This allows constant stimulus at a marketing level to create a high social following because social content translates to real revenue.

We offer competitive pricing with up front transparency


What does this mean? Many web design firms in NJ will give you a quote based on the amount of content you want, we will provide the same amount of content and charge less for a higher quality design. What we quote you from the beginning will be the same price if not cheaper than any competitor. Give us their quote and I guarantee we will beat it.




The first and original cryptocurrency, currently ranked #1 in the world. You may have heard about it on the news or online, this cryptocurrency is the original that started it all.



This is the second most popular and ranked cryptocurrency in the world. One of the more newer proof of work cryptocurrencies. It is extremely fast and easy to use.

First time buyers will receive 3 percent off the entire service


As an early adopter we believe in newer technology that's why first time customers will receive 3 percent off their entire purchase when you pay with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Why cryptocurrency, because it is the future of our fiat and payment system. It is a decentralized, self-governing, and immutable bank and payment system.



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Follow us on Instagram at @ivallano_ for 24 hour stories and seeing the latest updates on our work visually. This gives you a sneak peak at many of our upcoming projects and web design portfolios. Use the hashtage #ivallano to add your design to the cloud.