Here at Arivmi we have a fundamental principle of giving back to our community. What good is a business if it does not enrich the people around it.


We believe that at every core a business is like a soul. What good is the business if it only feeds the pockets. Which is why we give a certain percentage back to our community either as a donation and or free web design work.

At Arivmi, we designed our system to be able to give back to schools and children who will be in the tech industry. Growing up, I had such an infatuation with technology and I can still see the people who helped supported my dream.

This is our way of giving back. If you are an organization such as non profit, or some positively intrinsic business that is also in the service of others less fortunate. Please contact us to receive free web design service and or technology consultation.

This is a way to add value and to encourage others to be able to give. Nothing is more rewarding to give because what you sow is what you reap.


Current Donation Project:

Jesus is lord Fellowship